Colten Care Marathon Challenge

24th July 2020

Many thanks to everyone at Colten Care who organised and participated in the Marathon Challenge and raised a very generous £1468.20 (plus Gift Aid) for Ringwood Foodbank.

On Sunday 26th April, the 40th edition of the London Marathon would have taken place. Last year the amount of money raised was £66.5 Million and this year charities will struggle so much without these funds. So we joined in on Sunday 26th April and completed our very own Marathon Challenge.

The whole team got involved in a mixture of activities, here are some things that took place:

Walked 26 times around the garden, cycled 26 miles, walked the dog for 2.6 miles, baked 26 cakes, completed 26 flips on the trampoline, 260 press ups, 26 back somersaults….the list is endless!!

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